Lake Atitlan Rentals

Want a taste of Lake Atitlan? There is no better way to do it than to rent a house. Our portfolio includes homes and land on the waterfront and in the mountains, in the city and in remote settings with pools, jacuzzis, temascals (Guatemalan-style saunas), boats, and breathtaking views. We can also arrange for private cooks and housekeepers, Spanish lessons, and a range of tours, and we have homes accessible by road for those who don’t want to travel by boat.

Our pool of weekly, monthly and yearly rentals is limited, though, so contact us in advance. We will review the rental agreement with you and explain everything you need to know about the home and the area..

If you own a house and want to rent it, we can help your with that too. As we are experiencing a high rental demand due to significant increase of tourism since the beginning of the year, as they noticed a 5% increase of reservations for the hotels in Guatemala.

Your houses can return significant income helping you cover the maintenance associated with it.

Check our sites for long term and short term rentals

lake atitlan rentals

and for vacation rentals our dedicated site for waterfront homes.

atitlan vacations rentals

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