Guatemala and Lake Atitlan particularly are great destinations for vacation, to spend the winter or to retire.
If you want to have a taste of the area nothing better than renting a house. We have a large selection of houses for your different needs. Would you like to enjoy a memorable vacation well just check our portfolio of waterfront houses they offer some pool, jacuzzi, boat and or gorgeous views. We can also provide cooks, spanish lessons, tours (villages, mayan traditions,…)

Now if you would like to experience the lake for a potential investment (highly recommended) or for retirement we have houses in Panajachel for easy access or around the lake if you are looking for a more secluded surrounding.
For a week, month or a year we have the house for you… but be aware that the pool of houses that are available are not so big comparing to destinations like Costa-Rica or Panama and you might need to make arrangements head of time as some lately we are experiencing a shortage of rentals available. We can also help you to get to the lake upon your arrival and all the time of your stay for visa renewal for example. When you rent a house ¬†you will be asked for a damage deposit and to sign a rental contract detailling your obligations and the amenities provided and a manual of the house and activities you can enjoy from it.

You have a house and you want to rent it… we will help you to make it happen… As we are experiencing a strong demand of rental due to significant increase of tourism since 2013… The number of tourists visiting Guatemala in January and Frebruary 2014 already increase 10% from 2013. Your houses can return significant income helping you covers the maintenance associated with it…