Real Estate

Guatemala and Lake Atitlan in general offers excellent Real Estate investment opportunities.

You might decide that it is the place for you to retire or just want to make a good investment in an emerging market soon to be discovered… For many years Guatemala was not a top destination for tourism (Mexico get 20 millions tourist a year, Guatemala not yet 2 millions), a reputation of insecurity and a lack of govemmment to be discovered as a place of great potential for investors and retirees. Located 2 hours from Miami, offering several locations for retirement, a stable economy. To the point that after years of dragging business 2013 and 2014 are experiencing a strong volume of  business.

It is not your usual market and you need to be property guided in order to make sure you understand what you are getting into… Property on the waterfront are not titled (with very few rare exceptions) but ownership of houses is legal for foreigners being a tourist or a resident doesn´t matter.

We can help you find a house waterfront or with a million dollar view, a business or your own little piece of paradise. Check our website and if you don´t find what you want let us know as we have constant listing constantly new properties.