Lake Atitlan Guatemala Property Management

Are you interested in investing in real estate on Lake Atitlan but don’t feel confident that you can manage your property from afar?

Or do you already own a home or rental property? If so, you’ll want Atitlan Rentals in your address book.

  • We’ve been overseeing property rentals for more than a decade, helping clients in every town on the lake make a profit from their properties.
  • The team at Atitlan Rentals makes sure each house is maintained and handles unexpected issues from security and payroll to plumbing and septic.
  • We pay the taxes, insurance and government fees.
  • We have an electrician, a plumber and carpenters on our staff to ensure a quick response when needed.
  • Since we’ve built 20 homes and commercial properties on Lake Atitlan through our company, we know the ropes and can get you the lowest prices from the best-qualified professionals and help you keep your property in the best shape with the minimum effort.


If your house is on the waterfront then you most probably will have a pier.

Pier on Lake Atitlan

Rebuilding pier on Lake Atitlan

We do also all that have to do with your property like fencing.

build fence in lake atitlan

Build fence

Houses needs as well maintenance for their roof

roof maintenance, lake atitlan

Houses need roof maintenance and we have the know how

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